by Serial Soul Hunters

We are continiously in search for the principles of life, of thoughts, of feelings. We dig, we hunt, we recreate and we share; objects, clothes, music, food, culture, art… Everything always with soul.

So, we collect the beautiful and deep stories of the true life experiences: we are the SERIAL SOUL HUNTERS.

Our instinctive encounters showed us we were sharing a way of life, a strong sense of identity, a common passion and perception.

This brought us to create BLUE MATTERS, premium quality ready-to-wear and lifestyle concept. Within BLUE MATTERS, we create and share, timeless, genuine, simple but remarkable products beyond passing trends, that we continously relish to use, and that will make us happy.

We are SERIAL SOUL HUNTERS: playful, curious, peaceful, fun, free and independent!

Let’s hunt the souls together!

[vc_custom_heading heading_semantic=”h6″ text_size=”h1″ text_height=”fontheight-179065″ text_font=”font-762333″ text_weight=”300″ sub_lead=”yes” sub_reduced=”yes”]“We love the colour BLUE. And we love all its shades: light, dark, parliament, cobalt, saphire, turquoise, indigo, persian, sky, night, sea, dust, steel… These shades are the most beautiful concrete reflections of the solid, liquid and gas states of matters…”[/vc_custom_heading]


We get inspiration from what we hunt with our souls, but also from our heroes. Their simple, but symbolic and universal life stories let us create products that tell stories: Thanks to these heroes, we define our attitude, we create our personal style and we become unique.
We want you to come and join us, to the SERIAL SOUL HUNTERS community.  Listen to your inner voice, follow your own heroes and share your stories with us.


We highly value craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail, fine and authentic materials, innovative fabrics, and comfort. Apart from genuine creations, we love to update the clothes we hunt and redefine them in a contemporary way.

The founder of the brand used to work for many years in different fields of the creative and cultural industries. Her passion for history, art, music, intangible heritage and craftsmanship inspired her to create BLUE MATTERS. She is also part of a family who has been producing denim and ready to wear clothing for over 45 years. She grew up with the values of this heritage and she kept the manufacturing process as a part of her professional identity.

The instinctive encounter with a musician, founder of a legendary rap group from germany; passionate for fashion, denim and hunting vintage clothing and items, made them decide to walk on this common path, to create BLUE MATTERS’ storytelling collections and hunt the souls together.

[vc_custom_heading heading_semantic=”h6″ text_size=”h1″ text_height=”fontheight-179065″ text_font=”font-762333″ text_weight=”300″ sub_lead=”yes” sub_reduced=”yes”]“Bleu, blue, blau, blu, mavi… A word that is magic, soft, flowing, pleasing, inspiring. To us, it is the colour of infinity, of the sky, of the sea, of peace, of rest, of serenity, the colour of our existence. Peaceful, calm, reconciling… Just like our view of life.”[/vc_custom_heading]
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