ARKK Copenhagen –THE NAME

Somehow we all board our own ship in life. Sailing in different directions we each have our own course to follow. The ARKK name leads the thoughts towards a ship, indicating that we always must go forward no matter what. Forward towards new horizons and endless adventures. Therefore the A symbolizes the bow of a ship breaking through the waves of life, taking you even closer to your dreams. The Copenhagen part of the name is of course a shout out to our beloved capital of Denmark. At ARKK Copenhagen we urge you to join us and make for the bright horizons of life, you won’t regret it


We keep it simple, because we like it simple. We are ARKK Copenhagen and we are a unisex sneakers brand. We create sports orientated fashion sneakers, designed to make your day just a little bit better. When you put on our sneaks you will know what we mean. The designs are generally inspired by the minimalistic and simple Scandinavian architecture and lifestyle, combined with technical materials and clean shapes. We put an honor in making people smile by providing high quality products and good service. Therefore the end product is sneakers made with passion, and let’s be honest everyone likes passion in their lives. So join us, and become part of the journey.


It all started with love: true story, it did. Our love for sneakers and our passion to share that love with the world. Love of sneakers you might ask, isn’t that a bit too much? Not really, not for us at least. We love to wear them, we love to read and talk about them and we love to create them: that’s the reason ARKK Copenhagen exists. The sneaker has become part of the modern wardrobe in such a way that it’s okay to wear them to work, wear them with a skirt or a suit, even wear them when you meet your parents-in-law for the first time. We established ARKK Copenhagen to become part of your life, by providing you with passionately designed sneakers for any occasion. If you’re not already a sucker for cool sneakers, don’t worry, you will be. Join us and become part of the journey.

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